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360TriSense will give you more eyes, ears, and communications in the sky, allowing you to fly safer BVLOS by providing you with 3 sensors, 360° vision, and zero blind spots.

Flying BVLOS with products that allow you to safely do so allows you to see beyond your visual range, allowing you to reach farther in the sky. Each industry has its own benefits with being able to fly BVLOS.

By combining 6 cameras, 2 microphones, and ADS-B integration, 360TriSense is able to cover its entire 360° surroundings, becoming more reliant with three sensing abilities at once.

360TriSense is a sensor that can be integrated into drones to significantly increase their awareness by providing 3 sensing abilities and 360° awareness.

This work was supported by the SBIR program within the NOAA Technology Partnerships Office under Grants FNA20OAR0210342 and FNA21OAR0210319