360TriSense safely takes your vision to the sky


  • Humans with 20/20 vision have visual acuity of one arcminute
  • Pilots need 12 arcminutes to successfully identify an aircraft
  • Pilots can see a Cessna 172 at 2 miles, but a UAV at only 300 yards 
  • At cruise speed, a pilot cannot stay well clear of a UAV


  • The FAA §107.37(a) requires every UAV to yield the right of way to any crewed aircraft
  • The UAV pilot must be able to see any crewed aircraft, so UAV flights are restricted to visual line of sight
  • UAV onboard detectors must detect over the full 360°, like having “eyes in the back of their heads”


  • For many industries, it is more economical and efficient to fly beyond the visual line of sight
  • 360TriSense sensing modalities detect aerial objects and crewed aircrafts allowing you to fly BVLOS
  • Fly safer, further, and longer while reducing the need for human-piloted aircraft and their associated carbon footprint


Machine learning

ADS-B Receiver


This work was supported by the SBIR program within the NOAA Technology Partnerships Office under Grants FNA20OAR0210342 and FNA21OAR0210319